Meeting Time: April 08, 2021 at 9:00am PDT
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4-B ID 21-504 RESOLUTION - Creating the Rental Mediation Program

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    Genesis Gonzalez almost 2 years ago

    City council must oppose the RMP as it does not give adequate protection to tenants. The community should be able to live without fear of eviction and they should instead implement the EDP. People deserve secure homes, and legal representation that actually provides protection

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    Briana Zweifler almost 2 years ago

    Everyone at risk of losing their housing should have access to an attorney. Protect tenants. Reject the rental mediation program and support the right to counsel proposal instead.

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    Tim Haydock almost 2 years ago

    I oppose this plan. Please bring right to council which is the best way to protect renters and keep people housed. Let’s lead by standing up for those who rent and make sure Fresnans have a right to council in protecting their homes.

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    Crisantema Gallardo almost 2 years ago

    I oppose the rental mediation program because it doesn’t do enough for renters.

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    Elizabeth A almost 2 years ago

    My name is Liz A., and I work closely with Fresno families and their children everyday to ensure they have the adequate resources to get on and stay on the right foot for their educational journey. I strongly oppose the Rental Mediation Program because I know that when families don’t have a stable home everything else can fall apart. I also know that many of the families I work with, including myself would have a hard time understanding the legal system if served with an eviction notice. This city needs a community led legislation that actually address the eviction and homeless crisis we have in Fresno.

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    Rachel Youdelman almost 2 years ago

    I ask the City Council to oppose the Resolution creating a Rental Mediation Program (RMP). I strongly prefer that the City Council support the comprehensive Right To Counsel (RTC) Community Program, now known as the Eviction Diversion Program (EDP). After an extraordinarily grueling year, families are more in need of protections now than in normal times. Even in this difficult period, rents in the Fresno area continue to rise so much as to be the subject of national news. Please consider all of these factors and put the well-being of families first. Doing so is in the interests of the entire community.

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    Angelica Alvarado almost 2 years ago

    My name is Angelica Alvarado, I am a student at Fresno Pacific University, studying in the Social Work department. I strongly oppose the Rental Mediation Program, because I know in my future work, families need more protections and support than what is provided now. RMP does not go far enough to protect tenants and give them the best chance at staying in their home. Families more then ever need safety and consistency especially now when Fresno was named to have the highest rental increases across the country. I instead support implementing the eviction diversion and homelessness prevention proposal known at RTC. Please listen to the voices and expertise of the community members.

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    Isabel Quirarte almost 2 years ago

    I oppose the rental mediation program because it doesn’t do enough for renters, we need a community informed program like eviction diversion program so that renters can have legal representation.

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    Yenifer Gallegos almost 2 years ago

    The City of Fresno is in need of an Eviction Diversion Program not a Rental Mediation Program. It is unfair to put working class people in a situation where they go without legal representation. I strongly oppose RMP because it is not what this community needs. Listen to the housing activist that are out there doing the real work, they have the answers.

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    Michael Yamamura almost 2 years ago

    People are struggling a lot right now and it’s easy for someone to be evicted unfairly without them having access to the proper resources to fight it. It’s the bare minimum that Fresno guarantees them fair representation, but a lot more needs to be done still to address this issue. Eviction shouldn’t even be a threat right now, we’re still in a pandemic and everyone’s struggling a lot. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO BE HOMELESS RIGHT NOW.
    As a student who’s dealt with housing insecurity in the past I know what kind of affects that can have on someone’s school. It’s hard keeping track of school when you don’t know where you’re going to be sleeping in a week or how you’ll get there. Things are even harder now with the country in the state it’s in. I urge the city council members to support the eviction diversion program for the community of Fresno.

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    Diana Pablo almost 2 years ago

    It is only fair for people who have been given an eviction notice to have legal representation, with the ways things are going not enough is being done to help them.

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    Bill Geissert almost 2 years ago

    In my work at the Holy Cross Clinic at Poverello House, I have seen the prevalence of homelessness in our community and the vulnerability of many of our fellow Fresnans to loss of housing. Once unhoused, employment status, educational engagement, Mental and physical health of families are adversely affected. Rehousing and rehabilitating a family can be difficult and costly.

    Timely provision of social service intervention, and legal representation in the event of threatened eviction is the right thing to do, not only from a justice and humanitarian standpoint. The societal consequences of housing insecurity make the adoption of Right to Counsel the most prudent course for our community.

    While I appreciate the intent of the RMP, I believe that it is inadequate. There is a power imbalance in the tenant/landlord relationship. Offering tenants access to a website which they may have trouble accessing, and offering nonbonding mediation, with participation voluntary for the landlord does little to remedy this imbalance. Tenants deserve to be advised of their rights at the time of entry into any rental agreement. In the event of conflicts with the landlord or threatened eviction, they should have access to social services, rental assistance if appropriate, and legal representation in either binding mediation of eviction court. The council should abandon the RMP and embrace the RTC.

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    Anthony Molina almost 2 years ago

    While I think that the idea of the City supporting a rental mediation program is in theory a step in the right direction, I would not. support it as a stand alone measure however. I would object that it doesn't go far enough in addressing the large number of renters that may be affected and lacks teeth to legally enforce its decisions. If the mediation program is adopted, it should be in conjunction with access to legal representation as a backstop. Having access to both might be a better solution than just one or the other, as the mediation program could reduce litigation expenses to some extent, but having right to counsel would allow for due process when mediation fails.

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    Ruben espinoza almost 2 years ago


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    Alma Contreras almost 2 years ago

    There should be representation of everyone no matter their status economically or socially especially during this time

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    Bruce Jewell almost 2 years ago

    I am asking the City Council to oppose the Resolution creating a Rental Mediation Program (RMP). Instead, I want the City Council to support the comprehensive Right To Counsel Community Program which is now called Eviction Diversion Program (RTC/EDP). We need the more effective program which is the RTC/EDP program. The RMP program was developed without community input and will not decrease evictions or homelessness once the eviction moratorium i lifted on6/30/21. Chavez's RMP Program is an inadequate response to a serious and growing problem in Fresno.

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    Julie Olguin almost 2 years ago

    I am asking the City Council to oppose the Resolution creating a Rental Mediation Program (RMP). Instead, I want the City Council to support the comprehensive Right To Counsel Community Program which is now called Eviction Diversion Program (RTC/EDP). As a social worker I am very concerned about the impact on children of disrupting families who need stable housing, especially those with chronic health conditions and special needs. Right to Counsel will help families to stay together and prevent childhood trauma that could have life long consequences.

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    Suvahny Reach almost 2 years ago

    I support the community proposal Eviction Diversion Project as this would allow many individuals with an eviction notice to have legal representation in eviction court.

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    albert wilburn almost 2 years ago

    I am writing in opposition to Mr. Chavez's Mediation program and would like the council to adopt the Eviction Diversion Program / Right to Counsel program which has been shown to be effective in other cities and has the support of the community. The EDC/RTC program would be better financed and is designed to have more positive and more measurable results. The eviction-to-homeless crisis will not be improved unless a well thought out and well financed and community supported program such as the EDC/RTC is put in place.

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    Baolia Xiong almost 2 years ago

    Please we are in need of more mental health promotion services in our community