Meeting Time: April 08, 2021 at 9:00am PDT
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Agenda Item

1-B ID 21-482 BILL No. B-5 (Intro 3/4/21) (for adoption) - An emergency ordinance adding Section 2-517 to the Fresno Municipal Code related to grocery store employee hazard pay. (Requires five affirmative votes)

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    sherry Garcia at April 08, 2021 at 2:09am PDT

    Now is not the time to raise the wage. Restaurants are barely being able to open again after a whole yr of nothing. Some even closed for good. It would be just too big of a burden to put on them right now

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    Jared Malan at April 07, 2021 at 5:53pm PDT

    Dear representatives, I am a long time resident of California and currently the central valley. I do not support the proposed actions of Agenda Item B-5 or those council members who like so many other things pass off the alleged means as a necessary sacrifice for some diluted sense of the greater good. A greater good that never comes, and never yields lasting resulting in anything other than more government, and less livelihood and less freedom of the individual. I currently help operate a starbucks in northern fresno. In prior years in the bay area I worked in Industrial supply, field to refinery winerys, and specialized protection services.

    For lack of space to address this topic, let me make it clear, that in my experience this measure like so many others only means one thing, more money shuffling through a assortment of new hands of government planners, achieving more minimal effort for maximum financial theft. Raising any government mandated forms of pay and fines are nothing short of more taxation. The broken record of every politician who wants to have their signature on a "project" at the expense of others who will fund it.

    CLEARLY WHEN GOVERNEMT MANDATES HAVE ALREADY DONE SO MUCH DAMAGE TO COMMERCE AND PERSONAL LOSS, The people who run these businesses, the people who work in them, the suppliers who stock them, and the people who shop at there don't need any more of this nonsense. VOTE NO ON THIS MEASURE

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    Robyn Bowman at April 07, 2021 at 11:48am PDT

    If you mandate this pay my son who works for a grocery store could lose his part-time job. He is going to school and needs the extra income from his work. Raising the pay raises the prices also. How does it benefit anybody if the raise is mute because of the cost of living increasing? This does nothing for anybody! How about the government offer to give bonuses to people that continued working and providing services while everybody else was sitting at home collecting their unemployment. The people on unemployment were getting more money than if they were working. How is that fair to the people that were still out there earning their living? The answer to that is it wasn't and still isn't fair. My question too is how can the government justify paying out to absolutely everybody but the people who actually kept our society going? Why should the businesses incur more cost because the government shut everything else down? You're not actually doing anything to help the people that helped us. Quit with the mandates already!!!!