Meeting Time: February 18, 2021 at 9:00am PST
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3-A ID 21-273 Workshop - Coordination of Regional Homelessness Initiatives and Funding

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    guillermo martinez about 1 month ago

    This is my first time here. Hope i am putting this in the correct section. I don't know if anyone cares what i think or can do anything about it. They are planning on putting a 128 Unit Apartment Complex at the Christmas Tree Lot located next to Shaw and Blackstone Ave. This is all we need to finish destroying this section of the city. We have an overwhelming problem of homeless trashing and putting grafiti throughout the corridor of Blackstone Ave. from Shaw Ave all the way up to Neese Ave.

    Whoever had the bright idea of putting this complex at Shaw And Blackstone avenues why don't they put the complex next to their house and see how they like it. This complex will worsen the situation out here with more trash, drugs and the sorts of things these complexes attract. I lived in a ghetto in NYC and the pattern is the same everywhere. If you want to destroy this area of town please put this complex up.

    The corridor indicated above generates much needed tax dollars for police, etc. This area should be given priority over other homeless problems in the city. I am sick and tired of the homeless destroying communities. Please put these people in psyche wards or in hotels where they can be montiored. Also converting the former Smugglers Inn into a homeless shelter is the dumbest thing since civilization. Please continue destroying my neighborhood.

    Out of time almost 9 am if anyone sees this let me know.