Meeting Time: October 15, 2020 at 9:00am PDT
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Agenda Item

2-O ID 20-001363 Actions pertaining to Text Amendment Application No. P20-02212 and related Environmental Finding for Environmental Assessment No. P20-02212, sections 15-2706, 15-6801 and 15-6802 of the Fresno Municipal Code, to be titled the Responsible Neighborhood Market Act and relating to the use regulations for alcohol sales. 1. ADOPT Environmental Assessment No. P20-02212, dated July 29, 2020, that Text Amendment Application No. P20-02212 is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to the common sense exemption that it can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that the proposed Text Amendment may have a significant effect on the environment pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15061(b)(3). 2. ***BILL (Intro. 9/24/2020)(For adoption) - Amending Sections 15-2706, 15- 6801, and 15-6802 to the Fresno Municipal Code, relating to the use regulations for alcohol sales. (Subject to Mayor's veto) 3. RESOLUTION - Of the Council establishing the Responsible Neighborhood Market Act Committee

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    Victor Gonzalez over 3 years ago

    While the neighborhood market act seems to have good intentions, It’s purpose is to reduce the oversaturation of liquor licenses. As it’s written now, it keeps the status quo for existing license holders and put a greatly disproportionate burden on future business that likely would’ve had much of the desired design criteria anyway.

    This act should address the existing problems first and it currently does not so I am in opposition.

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    Ashlee Perritte over 3 years ago

    I strongly oppose this ordinance as it will NOT address the issues of single serve alcohol sales and blighted liquor storefronts, and it will deter grocery stores from coming to my neighborhood. I urge council to vote NO on this ordinance until it is amended.

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    Allen Chien over 3 years ago

    I support RNMA.

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    Satwant Virk over 3 years ago

    I support this ordinance

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    Matthew Woodward over 3 years ago

    The over-proliferation of ABC licenses in the city of Fresno doesn't just impact neighborhoods south of Shaw, it impacts neighborhoods across the city and it will impact the Copper River community. If neighbors in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city don't want these liquor stores, then why is the merit of this act still up for debate?

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    Oscar Young over 3 years ago

    A 4 pump gas station that happens to sell milk and eggs with liquor behind the cashier counter is not my idea of a "neighborhood market." It's in fact a gas station owned by the same individual building the gas station at the Copper and Friant cross street. I have a family with children that do not need oversaturation of liquor stores within my community. There is a Rite Aid on Copper that sells alcohol, the upcoming gas station/liquor store on Copper and Friant, and now this proposed "market." I would love to walk to a grocery store with my family to pick up household and grocery items - not a Johnny Quik. The Responsible Neighborhood Market act prevents the oversaturation of liquor stores in my neighborhood. I am in support of this Act.

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    John Kinsey over 3 years ago

    Comment letters (2) were emailed to Yvonne Spence, City Clerk and Douglas Sloan, Fresno City Attorney to be considered.

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    Lisa Taylor over 3 years ago

    Please approve RNMA. Anyone disagreeing with RNMA is either misinformed or want to misguide the public for their own financial benefit. How many liquor stores are needed in every corner of this City? Few people have been spreading incorrect information about this law because they want to build a couple of gas stations and liquor stores around the city which none of them are grocery stores!

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    Janice Carton over 3 years ago

    The Responsible Neighborhood Act isn't about cutting back on drunkenness, its about control of the markets liquor license cost. This wilk have an effect on the entire liquor industry with increase of cost of license.
    Punishing the market and liquor license holder. The small markets will move to surrounding towns and consumers will shop in Clovis, Madera or other small surrounding towns. Stupid idea that once again punishes the local businesses.

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    Stacyann Benton over 3 years ago

    I strongly oppose the Responsible Neighrborhood Market Act. The ordinance as written would eliminate the possibility of small markets in ny neighborhood. It would also eliminate competition from previously established liquor stores thereby eliminating the development of newer safer markets for up and coming neighborhoods like my own. The ordinance hurts new communities and those in need of local walkable markets.

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    Jared Parker over 3 years ago

    I am very disappointed to see that the Responsible Neighborhood Market Act is still on consent with no opportunity for public discussion. My neighbors and I strongly oppose this ordinance, and we urge you to vote NO on Thursday!

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    Tom B over 3 years ago

    The Responsible Neighborhood Market Act is one of the most needed changes for Fresno. Fresno has been among the DRUNKEST cities for many years. The saturation of liquor stores in Fresno has been ignored for too long. Thank you, for paying attention to this issue and doing what is right for the people and this City. The new ordinance is proposing a very balanced approach to improve the neighborhoods and has adequate consideration to make exceptions when necessary. This law does not stop grocery stores or neighborhood markets from going into a neighborhood when and where needed. It is extremely disappointing that some developers are misinforming residents for their own financial gain. We are fully supportive of the Responsible Neighborhood Market Act and thankful to your Council for standing with people and bringing some commonsense to City regulations for approval of new liquor licenses. Please approve RNMA as recommended on September 24, 2020.

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    Rebecca Wharton over 3 years ago

    I completely agree that we need to clean up some parts of town near liquor stores. However, shouldn't that be addressed with code enforcement? I live in an area of town (NW Fresno) that doesn't have grocery stores. This ordinance would make it very difficult for anyone in my neighborhood to get a neighborhood market or big grocery store. Is it possible to do more code enforcement in the mean time until you can work on this ordinance a little bit more? It doesn't seem like it is for the good for the City as a whole. I say vote NO, or vote to give this more time to be analyzed.

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    Veronique Parker over 3 years ago

    I oppose the Responsible Neighborhood Market Act ordinance, and I urge you to vote NO this Thursday. The unintended consequences may lead to the elimination of grocery stores and neighborhood markets in my neighborhood.

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    Katie Burchfield over 3 years ago

    I oppose this act and find it very disappointing that it is not up for public comment on Thursday's meeting. This ordinance will make it next to impossible for small neighborhood markets to be built in any part of town where there are existing liquor stores. We already have ways to address blight with our current code enforcement of ABC licenses. This act just protects liquor store owners and makes it harder for grocery store owners to get liquor licenses.

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    Jane Doe over 3 years ago

    Make our neighborhoods safe, and clean! It is irresponsible to allow so many liquor stores into our community! Our real estate property will diminish in value the closer to these proposed gas stations and liquor stores!! our children will be exposed to more crime, it will create loitering and looting!

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    Brian Morillas over 3 years ago

    Yes, I Support amendment to clean up our city.

    Brian Morillas

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    Kathleen Bates over 3 years ago

    Please Approve Agenda item D 20-001363 Responsible Neighborhood Market Act (RNMA)

    We urge you to support Responsible Neighborhood Market Act (RNMA) and all of the amendments proposed on September 24th, a law that is designed to clean up Fresno's act, to make communities safer, and to protect children.

    The Copper River community:
    There are already 2 liquor stores - Rite Aid and Cheers Wine & Liquor. On top of that, there is a 3rd approved conditional use permit that was granted to the liquor store going in at Copper and Friant. The same group that has a liquor permit at Cooper and Fraint has applied for a liquor permit at Copper & Maple just down the road which is being protested.

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    Jagrup Bhandal over 3 years ago

    Yes, I'm in support of this amendment to clean our city.