Meeting Time: June 25, 2020 at 9:00am PDT
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Agenda Item

ID 20-00843 Hearing to consider adoption of Vehicle Miles Traveled Thresholds pursuant to Senate Bill 743, which requires local jurisdictions in California to adopt such thresholds by July 1, 2020: 1. RESOLUTION - Adopting Vehicle Miles Traveled Thresholds as described in the "CEQA Guidelines for Vehicle Miles Traveled Thresholds" document dated June 18, 2020, prepared pursuant to the requirements of California Public Resources Code Section 21099, and CEQA Guidelines Sections 15064.3(b) and 15064.7. 2. Direct staff to pursue a mitigation program that includes creation of a citywide mitigation bank, exchange, or other mechanism to allow more options for VMT mitigation.

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    Matthew Woodward 3 months ago

    I support the city of Fresno Adopting Vehicle Miles Traveled, however I find it odd that the county's VMT threshold is used as a reference and that the CEQA's proposed mitigation strategies for a project includes, "Addition of an auxiliary lane of less than 1 mi in length designed to improve roadway safety."

    Doesn't adding an additional travel lane induce driving demand?